Field of study: social work, sociology, social policy

Available positions for students: 30 (15 no tuition fee, 15 fee-paying) Fee-paying students may be eligible for scholarships based on merit. The scholarship covers approximately 85% of the tuition.

Duration: 2 years, full-time (Teaching modules are held Fridays and Saturdays

Tuition fee: 1000 RON/ semester

zAbout the MA program

The European integration process calls for experts in the field of designing and applying European public policies. At the same time we have taken into consideration the fact that due to the rapid economic and social change the region in need of highly trained social and socio-political professionals to focus on the special problems of marginal social groups.

We encourage primarily applicants who have completed the Social Studies BA at our university, as well as, social workers, professionals in social policy and related areas working in social, public administration and development institutions.

The four semester program contains 16 compulsory, theoretical and practical courses (four courses per semester):

  • Theoretical courses (Comparative European Social Policy, Social Law, European Public Policies, Social Supply Systems, etc.)
  • Courses in Policy (Equal Opportunities Policy, Minority Policy, Social Economic Development Policies, Health Policy, Social Inclusion and Integration Policy, Employment and Labour Market Policy, etc.)
  • Practical courses (Analyzing Social Policies, Accessing Structural Funds, Methods for Developing Social Policies, etc.)

Courses are taught by teachers from Partium Christian University, as well as, lecturers from other universities. Students enrolled into the MA program can opt for the teacher training module, which ensures their eligibility for a high school or higher education teaching position.

Graduate students can choose from the following positions: career adviser, human resources manager, labour or employment supervisor, social policy advisor or expert, training professional, social reintegration expert, social projects expert

Further studies

Having finalized their studies, students can apply for a PhD program available, among others, at the University of Debrecen, Babes-Bolyai University, University of Bucharest, University of Szeged or other European universities. Graduate students can apply primarily for a PhD program in social policy, sociology, public policy, European studies, public administration and political studies. Students can take part in student exchange programs and study for a defined period of time in EU countries.